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Washable Fabrics


If washablity is a priority, KJ’s top recommendations are Crypton and Sunbrella. 

Crypton is ultra durable and stain resistant- perfect for families with sticky-fingered kids or pets with dirty paws!  
Sunbrella® also perform well with mild soap and water washing.  

The majority of upholstery fabrics (even 100% cotton) that are coded “W” =water cleanable still insist on recommending professional dry cleaning only. The fabric label states directions for home treatment as “spot clean with the foam of a water based cleaner.” These cautious directions are because of the possibility of shrinkage, or in case the dyes bleed or fade. This can occur even if the W coded fabric has been prewashed, so careful, cautious washing techniques are always advisable.  This can distort the original fit, which is why we don’t recommend washing highly tailored slipcovers. Washing may remove some of the finish, changing the hand and appearance of the fabric from a crisp look to a relaxed, casual, slightly wrinkled look.

Some W coded fabrics CAN be successfully washed at home, if done cautiously, Assess the cautions below first, and recognize the risks. Realize that fabric warranties will not apply if you choose to wash your fabric contrary to the stated directions. Use a gentle soap, such as Carpet-Free, which is a safe yet effective soy-based cleaner. Tumble Many fabrics  have been pre-treated with stain repellent finishes, which will need to be re-treated after washing. Do not use bleach on printed acrylic or polyester fabrics, as it will fade the printed pattern.

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