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Ultra-Durable Fabrics

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What are my best choices for durable, kid/pet-proof fabrics?

Crypton® super fabrics  
xceptionally  durable breathable polyester with moisture and stain resistant and anti microbial protection built into the fibers. Easy Care-Most spills simply blot up! Can be cleaned with water extraction method, or gently cleaned with Tide .Click here for cleaning instructions. 

Contract grade upholstery fabrics- exceptionally durable fabrics with soil repellent finishes   Scotchguard, Teflon, or Zepel. Spills and water based stains easily blot up. These finishes must be reapplied after cleaning.

Symphony Sueded vinyls  very durable ,with comfortable sueded surface. Fabrics are made with “Resilience FSR” for  abrasion & stain resistance. Can be wiped down with mild soap and water

Sunbrella Fabric Durable, breathable woven acrylic fabric that is uv resistant. Can be wiped down with water and a mild soap solution  For deeper cleaning, use  mild soap and lukewarm water solution  in a washing machine  Allow fabric to air dry. If washed, retreat with water repellent treatment is recommended.

 “Protected finish” Leather  exceptionally durable. The polyurethane coating. prevents water and oil from absorbing through. Clean by lightly wiping with a mild solution of warm soapy water. see leather page

Faux Leather (Vinyl fabrics)- very durable and colorfast-select from  multitude of choices: tweeds, prints, florals and textures . Simply wipe down with mild soap and water

Washable cotton denims, canvas, twills & chintz fabrics vary from light to medium durability. Avoid direct sunlight.  Not as colorfast as synthetics, vinyl or leather. Not stain resistant. Machine washable, (use caution to avoid shrinkage)  

Durability: Some fabrics that are marketed for commercial or heavy duty use have been rated with the  Wyzenbeek test. This machine simulates wear by rubbing a cotton swatch back and forth on the tested fabric. This abrasion test is useful to rate durability to abrasion. There are other factors, however that influence a fabrics life expectancy, such as exposure to sunlight, dirt, proper construction methods.

30,000 is rated for general medium duty- a very durable product

60,000 is rated commercial heavy duty  -hotels, restaurants, lobbies, etc

Stain repellent finishes such as Scotchguard, Teflon, or Zepel: These treatments allow water-based stains to be easily blotted up. They must be reapplied after cleaning. If your chosen fabric does not have a factory applied finish, a topical treatment may be applied before delivery of your newly upholstered furniture. Always do a test swatch first.

Pet hair test:  Test the pet hair on the fabric swatch-does it stand out, or blend in? Does it brush off easily?


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