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Pet "Accidents"


The following suggestions are solutions we have researched to solve the stain and odor problems caused by pet and human urine accidents and other organic stains and odors. These treatments should be safe on fabrics and vinyls which are water cleanable "W coded" . Can be used also on many types of carpeting also. It is important to spot test before proceeding. Many upholstery fabrics will be"S coded", which will demand more caution with any attempts to spot clean stains and odors. Call a professional cleaner if in doubt, or if your furniture is of high value. If the urine staining is severe, the risk with do it yourself cleaning may be worth the alternative of having to replace the upholstery or the furniture.

The importance of a prompt response may require a do it yourself solution if you do not have any specialty products already. A home remedy using common household products may be effective: water, vinegar and a heavy object. First mix the solution 1 par water to 3 parts white vinegar. Put the solution on the stain and top it off with a dense, heavy object so the solution doesn’t evaporate off. Now allow the solution to dry. The next step you will mix 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar, reverse of the previous solution, and do it again. Finally, a teaspoon of detergent in a cup of water will clean the stain. After drying the area off manually, the smell will disappear in roughly 48 hours.
 *  This method may be acceptable if the urine is on a small scale, and if done immediately. The solution must penetrate down into any surface that has been wetted with urine. It is reported that there is often a faint lingering sour lemon smell. It’s success is reported to clean the odor more than it did the stain.

Staining is better solved with a commercial offering such as Planet Urine.

Planet Urine:


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