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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm wondering if my chair is worth reupholstering, or maybe I should purchase a new one instead?
This is a very important question. We've included an entire article to help you make this decision! Click here to read this article.

Where can I see samples of available fabrics?
KJ's fabric showroom is available by appointment, We have an extensive array of fabric available to select from.

How much would it cost to reupholster a sofa?
The answer is, not surprisingly, "it depends." As a rough guideline, plan on a minimum of  $900 for a quality job on an average sized sofa.

How long will my project take?
Generally, plan on your furniture being in the shop for roughly a week, more or less depending on the scope of the job.

How far ahead do I have to schedule my project?
KJ's is typically booked approximately 1-3 months out. Of course, the schedule varies, so please call to check availability during your desired timeframe.

How do I get my project started?
You'll need to send details about your project so that we can provide an estimate. A picture is the best way to get an initial ballpark estimate. Send a photo to kjsupholstery at bendbroadband dawt com. The next step is to select your fabric, which will determine your actual cost for the project.
Finally, we'll order the fabric, get booked on the calendar, and that's it!

Can I provide my own fabric?
Yes. However, KJ's cannot guaranty the quality of materials purchased from other vendors.

Do you provide pick up and delivery?
Yes. Pick up and delivery is available for an additional charge.


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