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Is my furniture worth reupholstering?


Does it have sentimental value?
We can preserve your chair so your family can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Before restoration

After restoration/reupholstery

Is it perfectly comfortable but just tattered?

Does the basic scale, style and shape of the furniture fit your room?
If you already own furniture that fits those criteria, it makes sense to consider redecorating by reupholstering these familiar pieces with your choice of one of the many hundreds of fabrics we carry. The tired frame padding will be renewed, the frame inspected and repairs are done if needed. In many cases we will also do upgrades to customize padding, cushioning, and legs.

*Market trends sometimes make it difficult to find the style you like in new furniture. The style could be right, but the scale or dimensions wrong for your room. Perhaps you like the fabric, but the cushioning is only standard grade thus not supportive or durable enough. That's where custom furniture answers the dilema.

KJ's custom options?
- Add or omit welt detailing
- Embellishment with trims- fringe, buillion, gimp, decorative tacks
- Contour changes to arms and backs using padding
- Add or omit skirts
- Installing new furniture legs
- Style changes of the cushions
- Cushioning upgrades - down, spring, cotton, or latex foam

and more!

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Is it structurally sound? (If not, chances are we can fix that too!)
Older frames for chairs and sofas are often very well built, as the standards were higher 20+ years ago  What a shame to see them put in the landfills! If you opt to buy new, be aware that there are many qualities of new furniture available today- yesterdays standard is today’s upgrade/higher end furniture. Remember that most frame and spring instabilities are repairable by KJ. Click here to learn more about frames.




Don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because it's "new." Your reupholstered furniture will also be "new", with the added benefit of being uniquely yours. If you like everything about it except the worn out padding or fabric, then reupholstery may be your best option. Your furniture is an investment in your home environment.

Reupholstery is one of the oldest forms of recycling.

If you opt to buy new instead of reupholstering 

*Buy high quality preferably made in the USA furniture.
*Recycle your used furniture
Try advertising online “Craigs List” or consignment shops. Be aware that resale value for non antique used furniture is typically fairly low, so sometimes a charity donation is the better option. If the piece is very tattered another option is to offer it for free, maybe even curbside!

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